A Crafty Place!

About Us

The Dream Team

Hi! We're Alix and Johnny. We moved to Sandpoint Idaho to get away from the crowds and be a part of the community we found here. Alix has many diverse talents, from pottery to rug weaving, painting to tutoring, wine making to master chef! Johnny's talents lie in the woodworking realm, ski tune ups and photography. When we're not in our barn making unique items to sell, we're up at Schweitzer working for Selkirk Powder Guides!

Our Products

Johnny and Alix absolutely love creating memorable pieces that represent the Northern Idaho vibe! Don't see what you're looking for? Ask! We do special orders!

More than Just a Store

Can a store be more than just a place to buy supplies? Absolutely! Our staff is always on hand to ask questions about what products are best for your project. We also offer workshops and a small gallery for our customers to show their work.